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Join the 1000s of Marin residents using ChipperDay to reduce their wildfire risk

Enter your address to schedule a cost-free pick up

Rated 5/5 by 99% of residents

Reduce your wildfire risk with no-cost, curbside vegetation and wood chipping . ChipperDay is funded by Measure C and brought to you by the MWPA.


Enter your address

This is used to identify Chipper availability near you - just like a restaurant reservation or a ride sharing app.


Select a week

Your address has curbside chipper service throughout the fire season.


Let us do the rest

Crews will come to your driveway and pick up tree limbs up to 8” in diameter, shrubs, brush, limbs, woody bushes, broom, cypress, juniper, firewood, etc. Palm fronds, bamboo, pampas grass will be picked up but must be placed separately.


Check your address to schedule a cost-free pick up

I piled the cuttings by the road and they were gone the next day like magic.

I am a senior on a fixed income and this helps tremendously. My pile was smaller as it the best I could manage. I greatly appreciate this program.

Thank you. This facilitates active debris removal and increases everyone's safety.

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